Dedicated to providing equal access to the power of science.

Forensic Alchemy was established in 1994 to give clients access to the power of science as it pertains to their cases.  Ms. Hartnett has extensive experience in the practice of forensic science as well as an insider’s understanding of how crime labs operate.  Services are available nationwide.


We specialize in:

  • Comprehensive case review
  • Consulting
  • Court room testimony monitoring
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Cross examination preparation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Quality assessment


We work with attorneys and investigators to:

  • Assess opportunities for error or contamination
  • Check that appropriate quality assurance and quality control measures were included in the testing
  • Define what the results really mean
  • Determine if the tests actually prove what they are being used for
  • Distinguish between results, conclusions and interpretations
  • Establish whether a proper scientific basis exists for methods used
  • Elicit which items of evidence were analyzed and the extent to which that analysis was carried out
  • Discover issues in the case that could be addressed using science
  • Investigate alternate hypotheses
  • Uncover what was NOT analyzed that should have been
  • Understand reports and testimony