Ms. Hartnett has over thirty-nine years of experience in forensic science with local, county, and state law enforcement agencies, as an independent consultant, and as the director of a private forensic laboratory.  She is court qualified as an expert in many areas of forensic science, including crime scene reconstruction, firearms and tool marks, gunshot residue, impression evidence, serology, trace evidence, blood alcohol analysis and interpretation, and controlled substances.  Ms. Hartnett has a B.S. in Criminalistics and a Masters in Public Administration.  She has been responsible for all administrative and technical functions of a full-service forensic laboratory.


Ms. Hartnett’s past duties have included overall responsibility for the operation of government and independent crime laboratories providing a full spectrum of forensic services to the legal community.  Clients include law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, public defenders, private attorneys and investigators.  Responsibilities included accreditation, training and evaluating personnel, policies and procedures, and technical oversight (case assignments and review, performance of complex casework, quality assurance, and expert witness testimony).