"Forensic Alchemy provides nationwide consulting and expert witness services in forensic science."

Specialties include crime scene reconstruction, firearms and tool marks, gunshot residue and impression evidence.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that knowledge is power, it is our mission to help our clients gain access to information that is available through the application of science to their cases.


Contact us regarding services:

  • Comprehensive case review
  • Consulting
  • Court room testimony monitoring
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Cross examination preparation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Quality assessment



For Students

Are you interested in becoming a forensic scientist? The following web sites have useful information about careers, colleges and universities.  I also recommend you read some of the job descriptions and requirements in the Employment sections of these web sites.  This will help you learn about the diverse roles in the field of Forensic Science and decide which one might be right for you.